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The Newbie Zone Articles - Traffic: "Where Do I Start?"

So you just got the bright idea of "I'm going to be an adult webmaster" and now you're trying to find out where you get your traffic from. Well that is a good question! Something that was not so obvious to me when I first started. I've asked others and everyone seems to stumble with this one. It's kind of the "make or break" stage of becoming an adult webmaster.

This article is here to change that. I hope to open your eyes through my own troubles, research and trial and error of what works and what works but takes more time than other methods.

"Where" to get traffic is not the only problem. Getting "quality" traffic is also a very key issue. There is a HUGE difference between a surfer who is just looking for something totally free to jerk off to and someone with their credit card out ready to pay for something because they are so sick of the free crap out there! So, qualifying and filtering your traffic is also very important.

The Secret:
Are you ready? - The places you get your first traffic from are FREE Galleries. This may seem obvious to some but it's overlooked by many newbie webmasters. It's your entry point for all your other hubs and filters I'm going to talk about nextThe place you get your first surfers from is FREE galleries..

By now I'm going to assume you know what a TGP is and what TGP Galleries are and how to make them. If not, look around on the other articles here and you'll get definitions. So, your first dribbles of traffic are going to come from you creating TGP Galleries. Right now you may be asking "where do I get photos/videos for these galleries?" Well you get that content from sites like this one, and you also get it from other affiliate websites. So now that you've got some content, you'll need to build the galleries and submit them for free inclusion to the TGP websites who accept outside posts. More detail about TGP creation and submission is found elsewhere on this site. This will be your first bit of traffic. Little to no conversions but you will get surfers!

If you want to go 100% TGP in your career there are many ways to expand the TGP traffic. You can go to paid inclusion in the top listing spots, you can get partner accounts (paid or traded) and you can get more prime spots on higher ranking sites and get more traffic.

Traffic Hubs:
If you are going to be creating all these TGP Galleries for submission to TGP websites then you might as well put them all under your own domain name and start your own private TGP!

On this TGP or archive of your galleries, you can categorize your galleries by niche and sub-niche. On all these archived pages you simply put up links to your sponsors, like Porno Dinero's affiliate program! You can put up our banners on the niche pages of your archives and that will target your advertising based on niche they are looking for, they will see those niche's sponsors. Try to not ever MIX niches when you have sponsors. Try to target and categorize your advertising based on what type niche of gallery is being linked to in the archives. Once you have all your TGP archives all separated by niche and category you can simply filter traffic out to your sponsors, like PornoDinero!

Bringing Traffic to the Traffic Hub
While you are at making your own little TGP archive site, you should make your own Reciprocal link and post it on ALL the galleries you make. That will be the second source of traffic you'll have dribbling in as well! So you'll have traffic coming into our TGP galleries you made with sponsor content you got from websites like and now you've got a link on the top of the page, in the Recip bar, up there next to the big guys that surfers can click on to go to your archives to check out more of your galleries holding all your reference codes to make commissions off of!

Link Exchanges:
Once you get some steady traffic coming to your traffic hubs/TGP site you can start exchanging links with other sites in your same ranking. You will want to have small sites, as well as large sites linking to you. The number of sites as well as the variance of traffic rankings matters a whole lot to search engines. Having 10 small sites, 4 medium sites and 2 large sites is worth more to google than having 20 large sites link to you only. Google will figure you are cheating them some how if you have too many large sites linking in and not enough small ones. So exchanges with everyone is a benefit to you.

You may have traffic leaks with link exchanges that make you no money, but the traffic trade for exposure is worth it. Someone may come in from elsewhere and like your site more than the site they came from and vice versa. Don't be too greedy with your traffic. It's like karma sometimes, the more you give the more you get!

Who you want to link exchange with - anyone with a good or stable ranking with Alexa. If you have never heard of it before, Alexa will be your best friend from now on. I promise! is a traffic ranking website. You can type in the URL of a website and it will give you details about how it compares to the top 5 million websites on the internet. The lower your number ranking is, the better! People in the low 10's of 1000's are the best to link in with for exchanges. They have the most realistic traffic to get. A site in the low hundreds or thousands will be hard to get exchanges with early on because they already have so much traffic that for you to trade is like a poor man gambling against a corporate banker. There is just nothing that the poor man has the banker wants... (like that analogy?)

You can also form partnerships with other websites. Say you give them a submit account on your private TGP and vice versa. When you've got some traffic coming in and you've got some room to talk and some leverage you can hook up with other websites in various partnerships regarding traffic exchanges or sales.

Press Releases:
Ah! The last truely free gold mine of the wild west! If you have significant news regarding anything important, new or news-worthy to the adult industry you can issue press-releases telling all the media outlets what YOU are doing! Guess what... if it's important enough, the'll run it as news and all their readers will see it, costing you... $0!

Typically this works well for adult webmaster resource websites, larger sites and affiliate programs announcing promotions, but if you've got newsworthy information, send it out as a PR and traffic will FLOOD in!

Review Sites:
Finally, review sites! These are also free gold mines. There are such things as TGP reviews... meaning they will rank your TGP site against others on the net, but if you have pay websites you can submit for review at companies like who will check, rank, rate and review the site, give their honest opinion and recommend or give the bad details (in their opinion) to potential customers and they will make a decision (based on what they read) if they are willing to pay for a subscription or not.

Even if you get a bad review (they will say some bad stuff) people will still sign up! This is GOLDEN traffic because it's 100% qualified by a 3rd party! It's perfect! The user has seen samples of your members area, your home pages, the content and they are either ready to buy or they will move to the next review! Which costs $0 in bandwidth.

SEO / Google:
Google is the biggest search engine so I like to taylor my sites to fit google first. If you can rank high on google, you'll rank high elsewhere as well. There are many other ways to get traffic from search engines by keywords, labeling images with keywords, streamlining your site, adding google site maps, submitting google news press releases, and many other things that you can research further by simply googling SEO (meaning search enging optimization).

In conclusion, there are many more ways to generate traffic than I have covered in this short article. The key is to be persistent. Traffic will not fall into your lap. You have to offer something of value, have well established link exchanges and qualify your traffic to the max and not only will your traffic increase, but so will your sales! Which is the whole point of getting more traffic! Lets not forget that one. :)

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