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The Newbie Zone Project - How To Make A TGP Gallery

This article will focus on creating the basic layout of a Thumbnail Gallery for a TGP. You'll be required to already have knowledge or experience in plain HTML page creation and graphics creation experience. You'll need some kind of graphics program like photoshop or similar which is able to make and edit JPEG and/or GIF images.

When it comes to creating Galleries for Thumbnail Gallery Post websites there is really not much to it, just a little common sense really. Go to a couple of the top TGP websites on the internet and you'll see plenty of galleries out there as examples. You'll see that some are really well laid out and look pretty and some are very simple and some just plain suck! The goal here is to learn to make the ones that make money regardless of how pretty it is. What really counts is how the page is formatted, what it says and of course, what the pictures are showing. You're going to learn how to combine all to work together in a sales storm. Lets get into the lesson!

Keep It Clean and Simple
Start out your gallery page with a well defined, top center or top left headline enticing the viewer's imagination. It really doesn't matter what it says, just get their attention! Once you've got their visual, reading attention they will scan the page for more text. If the headline interests them enough to keep reading they will get to see all the other wonderfully teasing and inviting sales text you have below for them. If you can keep their eyes on your text as well as the pictures they'll be more likely to actually click your sales links because they already like what you have to say and want to find out more. This headline should either be in large text formatted in HTML or right next to some kind of nude model or hot photo from the gallery. You can use images to attract attention to your headlines or sales text, but nothing too revealing. You don't want them starring at the image unable to read the sales text!

Amount of Thumbs
The number of thumbnails you're going to put on the page will vary wildly from site to site. So what you'll want to do is check the sites your are submitting to before you actually submit to them. Go to all the pages you plan on submitting to and see what their maximum and minimum numbers are. Group your submissions by how many thumbnails they allow and then proceed to submit to them accordingly. Most websites require between 12-25 thumbs for one page. Some require smaller ranges like 18-22 so make sure you go with a nice number around 20 to be safe but check before actually completing your gallery layout. You can use one gallery layout and vary the size and placement of your thumbnails based on the amount allowed. That way you can use one gallery template for all the sites you submit to, just vary the amount of thumbs being listed.

Placement of your thumbnails can be standard rows, mixed double and quadruple size thumbs mixed in to change up the look. You can use pieces of paper cut out on a table to find out new ways of placing different thumbnails around on a page. Be creative but don't be crazy! Don't put them all in 1 single line or across the page so you have to scroll right and left. Make sure they flow very cleanly and simply. Do not make them too mixed in to the sales text that you can't understand or read the text, either. Be smart about it and it will look great.

Sponsor Banners
When it comes to sponsor banners and their placement, I like to keep a rule of no more than 2 banners for 1 sponsor. They should be very relevant to the gallery. If you are making a lesbian gallery, the sponsor better be for a lesbian website. You can, however mix types of sponsors. Say you want to link to an Anal sponsor, then you want to link to a fake-butthole jerk off toy sponsor that would work. You can advertise the website sponsor and then sell the jerk off toy as a companion for when they sign up to the sponsor! Double whammy and the user is more apt to sign up to one or the other rather than just a website or just the product. The no-no however is multi sponsor banners. Please keep it down to only one sponsor per gallery. Try to use sponsor content for your galleries as well, there is no need for you to go out and buy or license or even shoot your own content and advertise another website with it if the surfer cannot even find that content at the sponsor's website! That's almost false advertising in a way...

How you place your sponsor banners should be sparingly. Most web surfers suffer from what I call Banner Blindness, they just don't see them if they are too abundant. Also where they are placed. If you place them on the top center or the bottom center they will not be seen. Try using a vertical banner on the left side... where a navigation menu usually is.. or the middle of the page breaking photo rows. Place the banners where they normally would not be. Put them where you would normally put your navigation buttons. Cancel out the Banner Blindness and you'll get clicks on your banners! Make people see them by putting them in front of their face.

Text Links and Sales Text
Articles more advanced than this paragraph can be found on detailed text and copy writing can be found on this website. As far as what you want to say in your text links, basically you are trying to paint a mental picture in the user's head by giving them as many descriptive words as possible. Instead of saying "Girls Licking Lollipops" you want to say "Gorgeous Hotties Licking and Sucking Down Every Slobbery Drop of their Hot Sticky, Cock-Lick Lollipops". Write your ads as if you are joking of kidding and it will turn out really well! I always think of as many verbs I can to describe a sexual noun and it works perfectly. Entice the surfer to click with all the graphic details and they'll click to see more.

Place your sales text in about 2 or 3 paragraphs down the page. You should have at least 2 and up to 3 boxes that are dedicated to A.) selling the user on the great, hot shit they will see on the website and how it will make them so horny they will cum in their pants right when they get into the members area and B.) The value of this website is unheard of. The deal is temporary, act now or they'll pay double tomorrow and the product for the price is the greatest you have ever paid for yourself! Endorse the product yourself and you'll sell more. Typically I use my sales text in the second and fourth cell of a 5 row table, with my photos laid out in 1, 3, and 5. Simple variations of this method will also work.

Colors and Layout
When you lay out the page, it's easy to do so using photoshop before you cut the file up for graphic use. You can make a few squares the size of your thumbnails and you can layout your graphics all over the document before actually coding it HTML. I like to use a template starting at size 720x1200pixels. Most galleries will fit within that size and will look good on all screens. Most monitors are 17" or larger and that's optimal for 600x800 viewing.

Colors should be chosen very carefully. Make sure you pick something that is not too contrasting. Bright bright colors are not advisable as well. Light on white is terrible! So is dark on dark. Too similar of colors and you can't read the sales text and too bright or contrasting and the surfers eyes will start tearing up while attempting to read your sales pitch! Keep in mind most people viewing your page will be seeing it at night with night-accustomed eyes so if it's too bright it will shock users eyes. Mildly contrasting colors and not so vibrant colors are good to use.

Now you should have a good handle on how to make good galleries, they aren't hard to do, they just take some common sense, time and practice! So get out there and make your galleries good and make fucking millions!

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