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The Newbie Zone Project - How To Make A Free Site

This article will require HTML knowledge and experience and the use of graphics and a graphics program use as photoshop or something similar with JPEG and GIF editing capabilities.

A Free Site is basically a collection of Thumbnail Galleries. You'll need to make at the very minimum 2 galleries but you can make many more than that but to a max of around 5 or 10 on average. You'll be submitting a Free Site to a Link List. Link Lists archive links to Free Sites, just like the one you are about to make! A free site can reside on a domain name of it's own or it can reside on a sub directory (ie: The main purpose of making a free site is to generate traffic to your sponsors and generate sales to get commission off of.

Typically a Free Site consists of a warning page, a home page, and a gallery page. The gallery page can be duplicated to make many galleries. You've got to have at least 2 pages to make it a complete free site. The pages should contain this information on each one:

    Warning Page - index.html
    This page will contain the disclaimer for any under age people to be turned away to google, yahoo, disney, whatever if they are not old enough to enter or do not agree to the terms of entering. This is the "screener" page.

    Home Page - home.html
    This page will contain the links to the photo or video galleries. This page will also hold your sales text ad(s) and a banner or 2 for your sponsor. It will have at least 2 links to 2 gallery pages. You can make as many galleries as you wish, however some Link Lists require a maximum or minimum number of galleries, as well as images per gallery page. So check that before submitting or starting on your pages.

    Gallery Page - gallery1.html
    This page will be formatted nearly exactly like a TGP page would be. You will have a page of Thumbnail Links that link to either large images or video files. This page will also hold more sales text and banner images. Format this page as you would a TGP page. See our How To Make A TGP page on this website for more information.

Keep It Clean and Simple
When designing your free site you want to keep the design as simple as possible. Include as much text advertising as you possibly can. Make your text enticing and inviting and give lots and lots of details and descriptions of the site, what it contains and what the benefits and experience the user will have after signing up! Don't clutter your page with more than 2 or a max of 3 banners per page. Well written sales text will generate 100x more sales and clicks than 20 banner images will. The cleaner, simpler and more directly to the point your format and layout are, the more directly the user can get to your sponsors!

Text Links and Banners
Well placed text links and banner will generate more money than you can shake a stick at. This is an art form and it takes practice. Think of it like this... users suffer from Banner Blindness. Put the banners and text links where there would usually be navigation links! The top left "menu" area is great of text boxes with links in list format and the middle sections of a page, complimented by a nice text ad, ad a banner in as a "graphic" instead of a banner. Sell the site in a text box with a banner available to "click" at the bottom of the ad. Sell the banner image rather than using it to litter your page. The amount of acceptable text links, text ads and banner images are all up to the discression of the Link List operators, so make sure you check those details before creating your or for sure submitting your free site.

Colors and Graphics
I like to use Photoshop to layout all my pages before I actually make them HTML pages, so that is a good idea to save time before messing around with your coding. Make sure the page looks good before creating something. Make a mockup either on paper with a pen or with photoshop or even construction paper! Just get it down in front of you and you can modify it to look cleaner, better and more sales-optimized. Colors should be used very carefully. Keep in mind people will be mainly viewing your website at night, meaning try to stay away from exceptionally bright or very contrasting colors. Use subtle contrasts and darker colors for text. Make sure text is always well readable or you'll keep people from reading your sales pitches! Along with everything else, the key to building good free sites is to practice, use your common sense and try to put yourself into the surfer's shoes...would you buy from your gallery?

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