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The Newbie Zone Articles - Don't Write Like A Robot

When writing adult sales text it's absolutely imperative that you do not sound like a boring, monotone drone - aka a "robot". Nothing is worse than reading some mundane crap while you are trying to get your rocks off, make it interesting and inticing!

Paint A Picture
Let me put you in this scenario... would you rather hear your answering machine's voice read off a line of text saying "click here for hot sex", or would you rather hear the hot young sexy TV phone sex "operator" tell you how she'd love to have you "come dick her soft, warm, dripping wet pussy till your balls run dry? - All you've got to do is click that little ole' button on the screen!"

The paragraph above vividly illustrates my point. Be as VIVID, as DESCRIPTIVE of EVERY aspect of the scene, building an HD wide-screen video scene in the surfer's head. Ensuring that he's got a boner starting in his pants. Photos and videos speak for themselves, words have got to build pictures, environments and sensations!

Know What You're Selling
When writing sales text for sponsor websites, the key is to examine the site. Try to convey what resides inside the site, the key features and especially the niche the site is focused on to the potential buyer! You want to give them 10 million reasons why they should sign up and why this site will get them off better than the other 100 websites out there just like it!

Be Enthusiastic
If you are excited about the product you are selling, so will your buyers! Make sure you write with emotion, conviction and passion. You have got to appear to be thoroughly convinced that what you are saying is 110% correct and obtainable by the buyer. Do not lie about the product, but make the deal sound so un-believable that they have got to go check it out for themselves, which is the whole point of writing a text ad in the first place, right?

Be Persistent
Sales copy writing is an art form. It takes practice, skill and experience. It's not something that comes to you over night, but it will come with determination and practice. An easy way to become an expert is to surf, surf, surf. Look around at other galleries on the web, free stuff especially is good to look at as an example. Look for something that REALLY sells you and examine it in detail. You'll notice the best sales text, the stuff that really makes you want to buy is usually the MOST descriptive, most detailed wording being used, go look for yourself right now. Go be inspired to go creat new, interesting stuff for your own projects!

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