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The Newbie Zone Articles - Importance of Web Statistics

Web statistics are your way of "knowing". Now that may be obvious, of course, but not in the way you'd imagine. It's not just the knowledge of where your surfers came from, or how many came. It's also about the details of their visit that you may not have known about.

Getting Started
Once you get up and going with your web sites and galleries and all the stuff you plan on doing here on the internet you'll need to know when and where people are coming from. A good statistics program provided by your Web Hosting company should be able to provide that data.

Visit Times
Now, simply knowing where traffic came from is not nearly enough information! If you know how long a user stayed, you can tell by reading, and having other people read your page for that amount of time, you can see what people are either turned off to, or the reason they are leaving is! If someone is leaving within 2-3 seconds they aren't interested in anything, but if they stay 8-12 seconds or more you can follow along and read for that amount of time to see the point you are losing them at.

Using Image Stats
Not only can you see where they are leaving from, you can see what page they left from, what pages they looked at, etc. You can see what your top images viewed are to see what people are most clicking on to maybe taylor your advertising to reflect more of that type of imagery to get them to click the ads instead of the pics or videos!

Running Numbers
Most importantly, and certainly not the last of statistical benefits, but you can also find your "numbers". Your conversion ratios in other words. The longer your websites and galleries are online, the more wider of a range of statistics you can gather, which will in turn allow you to see how often you make a sale and how many of those sales actually stay past trial memberships. So as you get into the rythem of building, submitting, building, submitting, and so on you can KNOW that every 10,000 visitors viewing your page, you'll get 3-4 sales, out of those 3-4 on average you'll get another 1-2 that stay for 2 months or more. The more you keep running those numbers, or the more people you can put your advertising in front of, the more people will sign up and the more people will re-bill, which is what Porno Dinero pays you for, Sign ups AND Rebills!

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