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The Newbie Zone Articles - Archiving Galleries For Cash

Now that you've been building and submitting galleries for a while you probably have a bunch out there on the web collecting surfers and filtering traffic to your sponsors. Let me tell you about how you can put them to more use.

Archiving For TGP
You can archive them all into your own TGP site and link to all of your own galleries! Now you might be thinking "that's great, but how do I get traffic to the site?" Well, for starters, every time you create a new gallery, add your own reciprocal link to your recip bar. Add in a text link on some and a banner image on others. That way, all the traffic your gallery gets from other TGP sites will pass by that recip link and some will click in and see your archive TGP site.

Categorize By Niche
When you archive all your galleries, make sure you break them down and list them by category/niche. Each gallery should have a main niche associated with it. The more niche sites you make galleries for, the more archive areas you can make! Another tip, since you are making a TGP site to host all your own archived galleries, now you can make use of our Porno Dinero Hosted Galleries and Hosted Free Sites. Just click on over to the respective section from our Promo Tools page and download your link codes. That way not only will your own galleries be seen, but all the galleries on your site will pay you and no one else!

More Traffic Techniques
Other traffic generation techniques include a "tell a friend" link that allows the surfers that enjoy your site to tell their buddies about it. That's called viral marketing. Another would be a Site Map. Site maps allow search engines to more completely crawl and archive your web site. A more elaborate "site map" is from google. It's tailored for google. It's a directions page for google's crawler. Google site maps will advise google to come back more often or less often based on how much your content changes, along with what it should and should not index. Pretty cool, huh? You specify what you want it to check for new stuff and how often. If your site changes hourly, set it to come by every day, if your site changes monthly, have it come by once a month.

Exchange Links
Link exchanges amongst other webmasters you are friends or partners with will also benefit you. Rankings in search engines will help you if you have well established incoming and outgoing links. Exchange links with trustworthy individuals though. Also make sure you check to see that they still are linking to you rather than simply trusting everyone to do so. If you are linking to them they should link back to you and vice versa.

Swap Accounts
Account swapping with buddies or partners is also a good idea. If you have an archive TGP that is run off a script that allows you to add and remove galleries and such, give your partners accounts to post on your site in exchange for accounts on their sites. You can post your galleries and all your Porno Dinero Free Hosted Gallery links on their site and they on yours. This will give you a wide range of opportunities to get paid off other sources than your own.

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